Submit a programming idea

We open a call for programming ideas twice a year alongside our call for Residency applications.

Programming ideas can include:

Workshops — Got something you love to teach? got something you love and wanna figure out how to teach it?

Screenings — We have 7.1 surround sound and a big bright projector!

Performances — A play? a dance? a singalong?

Readings — poetry night? open mic?

Whatever you might imagine — :-D

Our Spring Season is Feb 1 - June 1.
Its call for programming ideas is ____

Our Fall Season is Sept 15 - Dec 15.
Its call for programming ideas is May 1 - 31

Our summer season contains the No School Summer Camp, July 1 - 31

In June we are Publicly Dormant for summer camp planning and prep

In August we are Indisposed