2727 California Street is an art & education initiative + an artist in residence program. We are located in Berkeley, CA.

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We offer free / pay what you can workshops for kids ages 7-17 every Sunday on a seasonal basis. All materials and a healthy lunch are included. Register for this week's program by emailing frank@2727.today.

This week's program:



We will be exploring contemporary Halloween symbols like costumes, treats, witches, skulls, and carved pumpkins, and discussing their origins from cultures around the world. We will be finding links between expressions of this time in the seasonal cycle -- harvest time, falling leaves, connection to ancestors, spirits and the macabre.
Why do we think of spooky stuff as summer days begin to cool? Why do we think of ghosts as the leaves turn brown?
Rather than confirm or negate any of the great mysteries involved with the season, we hope to create a safe space for wonder and questioning.
We’ll be sending home info on a “homework assignment” on day one to research a deceased family member and bring a photo, story, or other bit of ephemera for our community Dia de los Muertos altar with guest artist Carla Mendoza.
This program will contain sensitive material and we hope that families will spend time considering their child’s comfort in participating in these conversations. We don’t want to scare anybody… too much.

Our program is designed to accommodate twelve kids. If you know of any other families who would be interested in becoming involved- please spread the word!
Our Halloween camp research and projects will carry across the 7 weeks. Registration involves a commitment to attend all 7 weeks, including Halloween.


Drawing from innovations in art pedagogy, traditional crafts, contemporary artistic practices, and art therapy, NO SCHOOL curriculum focuses on adventurous, process oriented group art making. We design projects that employ creative problem solving, mindful experimentation, collaboration and ecological sustainability to promote social-emotional skills as well as a broad sense of wonder, joy and possibility.

NO SCHOOL workshops are site-responsive, designed to meet the interests and needs of local communities, and often involve foraged materials. By engaging the local ecology and architecture of a child’s life, we hope to encourage a perspective beyond arts and crafts making to foster a truly creative and empowered worldview.

We work with contemporary artists, translating their studio practices into non-traditional art making experiences for elementary, middle and high school students. By inviting emerging artists to be the teachers, NO SCHOOL aims to facilitate a collaborative learning environment that blurs traditional pedagogical roles and exchanges.