27fromhome Prompts

Projects to do at home created by past artists in residence.

Hello friends! While social distancing we've been checking in with past residents who did a wide range of projects here with us over the past couple years. Everyone is experiencing this time in their own way, and there's lots of overlaps that feel really connecting too. Being in communication with the wonderful people who have touched and transformed this place has felt like a slow and spread out little reunion, which has been a great comfort and inspiration. Over the next months we will be rolling out weekly prompts for you to work on from home. We would love to see and collect your results! Hashtag #27fromhome or send a picture to our email: everybody@2727.today.


Jade Novarino
Ficus Interfaith
Christiana Cefalu
McKeever Donovan and Ellie Hunter
Kayla Ephros