Children's Perspectives: Films from Iran
A series by Donna Honarpisheh


Nov 5, The Runner 
(Davandeh, 1985)
Nov 10, Bashu: The Little Stranger
(Bashu, gharibeye kuchak, 1986)
Nov 17, Children of Heaven
(Bachehha-ye Aseman, 1997)

Doors at 7pm, Film at 7:30pm

In this series we will watch three important films in the history of Iranian cinema:
Amir Naderi's pathbreaking film "The Runner" (Davandeh, 1985) which in many ways 
set the tone for Iranian films from children's perspectives, Bahram Beyzai's striking film
about the experience of a young boy who takes refuge in the north of Iran during the Iran-Iraq war "Bashu: The Little Stranger" (Bashu, gharibeye kuchak, 1986), and Majid Majidi's heart-wrenching "Children of Heaven" (Bachehha-ye Aseman, 1997), where a brother and sister set on an adventure over the difficulty of losing a pair of shoes. 

Following each screening, we will have a post-film discussion where we will think through guiding questions on what constitutive aesthetic and thematic elements make children's cinema, or, films about children. 

Note: These are films about kids but not necessarily made for them. The films are in Persian with subtitles. Themes include war, poverty, and trauma.