Poetry Club Returns!


Poetry Club returns!

This season, Deborah C. Segal will be leading Poetry Club.
We are super excited to have such a brilliant poet and neighbor to share, write, and read poetry with.

Join us for the first Poetry Club of the year!

Poetry Club: a weekly gathering of poets, aspiring poets, and those who appreciate poetry.

The intention is to facilitate the creation and enjoyment of poetry, in community.

We'll experience and create poetry individually, and collaboratively, both experimental and within traditional forms.

The successful and fun format Kayla Ephros established last year will be our format this year, as well:

Multiple prompts each week from various sources. (15 minutes)
Reading aloud from published poetry selections to generate ideas, at the beginning of each Poetry Club meeting. (15 minutes)
Writing based on the prompts or the poetry selections, or a collaborative exercise. (30 minutes)
Sharing what we've written at Poetry Club. (30 minutes)

We'll gather at 7:30 pm and finish at 9:00 pm.
Attend the first meeting, and every Wednesday to follow, or drop in.