Try to Touch Eternity with Claudia Villela


Try to Touch Eternity
A vocal, percussion, and movement workshop with
Claudia Villela
February 23rd, 6-8:30pm
2727 California Street
Berkeley, CA
$50.00 Limited Scholarships Available

Join world-class musician and singer Claudia Villela for the first of a series of intimate workshops at 2727 California Street in central Berkeley.

In this workshop, we will let loose and create music and harmony to improvise on the spot, based on Brazilian rhythms and melodies. The music and experience will be welcoming, healing, and open to experienced and inexperienced musicians. It is also open to non-singers and those who are not familiar with Brazilian music.

"She is pure music!"
Bela Fleck

"...arguably the most intriguing outing of the latest new-paradigm vocalists is by vocalist Claudia Villela ...Soulful expression steeped in the now, crafting the future sound of jazz." Downbeat Magazine

"... Remarkable, beautiful, towering voice..."
New York Times

"...Brazilian-born genius with a blistering voice"
Jazz Times