Writing To / From / For The Margins


This workshop creates a dynamic space for queer-identified writers of color by utilizing liberatory pedagogies and creative inquiry to support storytelling in a collaborative and brave-safe environment. While engaging with critical thinkers and black feminist writers, this workshop will aid attendees in developing their writing skills through black feminist studies and embodiment techniques to help channel their creativity. They will learn constructive, effective methods for critiquing and improving their art practices via experiential learning and case studies. We will include activities such as collective readings, embodied movement, free writing, group discussions, art critique sections, and one-on-one peer review. The series will culminate with the production and sharing of a multimedia poetry zine made for and by the participants!

Saturdays, 2:30-5:30 PM
11/09, 11/16, & 11/23
Ages 15+.
Limited space. ​Registration required.
Email [email protected] to register or for more information.

SHAH NOOR HUSSEIN​ ​is a multidisciplinary scholar, writer & educator, with over ten years of experience crafting environments that empower writers & artists from diverse communities to share their stories, narratives & histories. Through a multimedia approach, shah noor aids communities in leveraging their collective power to produce projects that speak to their desires, passions, and lives through playful, magical, and, ultimately, healing modalities.