2727 California Street is an art & education initiative + an artist in residence program. We are located in Berkeley, CA.

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Print Experimentation Area

Saturdays fromĀ 11am to 6pm, the Print Experimentation Area atĀ 2727 California Street will be open to the public.

Print Experimentation Area is a gathering and accumulation of perspectives, a space to host sprawling collaborations and publications. Through a residency program, print room, workshops, newsletter, and occasional picnics, we hope to support open and generous ways of making and distributing publications within a community.

During this time, anyone is welcome to come bring self-publishing and printing projects to work on in the space. We will be offering up to 500 pages of free printing, and affordable printing after that. We also have a paper cutter, binder, and other publishing equipment, as well as experienced designers and publishers who are available to help you with your project!