2727 California Street is an art & education initiative + an artist in residence program. We are located in Berkeley, CA.

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We are now accepting proposals for residencies for our Fall, 2019 season, which runs September 15 through December 15.

We are an interdisciplinary space, open to a broad range of projects that engage the public. This could be through our education program, our Print Experimentation Area, our shop, our building and garden, and/or our event programming (screenings, readings, workshops, etc.). Please consider how your practice, interests, and proposed project might connect to our location and community in terms of history, natural surroundings, and social context. We aim to support projects that are vital, playful, responsible, and wonderful.

We offer a private bedroom in a comfy shared apartment on the top floor of our building, a stipend, and support to realize your project. We do not offer private studio space. Residency offerings are: two weeks + $500 stipend, 4 weeks + $1000 stipend, 6 weeks + $1400 stipend, or 8 weeks + $1800 stipend.

We are interested in the possibility for connections through diverse, interdisciplinary programming. Projects will be selected based on their individual merits and their relationships to larger emergent themes of our program.

*Please describe the flexibility of both your schedule and the scale of your project.

Our public event space is ADA wheelchair accessible. However, entering the residency apartment involves climbing a tall flight of stairs.
We regret the inconvenience and exclusion of our non-accessible living quarters.

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