2727 California Street is an art & education initiative + an artist in residence program. We are located in Berkeley, CA.

Mailing List

News: Residency applications for our Fall 2019 Season (9/15 - 12/15) are OPEN NOW and will close May 31.

Ongoing : Drawers is a group of people drawing together. Activities can be proposed and led by anyone in the group. No experience necessary! All levels, all ages.
Every Monday, 3:30-5:30pm.

We have built
a movie theatre!
Email screening/series ideas for kids, adults or all ages to everybody@2727.today

Ongoing: Our Shop and P.E. Area every Saturday from 11-6 pm.
Make a book, buy a book, come hang out!

5/18/19: PE Area is OPEN, Shop is CLOSED

PE Area hours:
11am–2pm by appointment (hello@pe-area.today)
2pm–6pm for open printing and binding

If you have any of these items at home that you are trying to get off your hands, please consider donating to 2727!
Our wish list